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The Dems' race for Congress

I was happy Joe Morelli won his primary. But what are the Democratic National Committee and its candidates doing to earn election? America is on a precipice. Donald Trump has taken up with a de facto new political party. In the vacuum, the GOP sets its own agenda. Yet the DNC fights with its candidates over bankrupt strategies. Has anyone from the DNC talked with Robert Reich, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, or Elizabeth Warren?

Are demonstrations and parades opposing the alt-right sufficient to win votes? GOP authoritarians win votes by manipulating white resentment. White resentment is a potent force, but it is leaderless. I hear little from the DNC or its candidates on how to assimilate this political force.

People committed to violence march the streets screaming that they are victims of attacks on white rights. Why is there no forceful DNC plan to rein in domestic terror infringing on the rights of all?

GOP-sponsored gerrymandering and voter suppression campaigns are funded by special interests throwing money at Capitol Hill. These end runs around representative democracy corrode America's legislative and electoral processes. Yet there is not one vocal DNC candidate addressing the transgressions.

President Trump is ill-equipped for the job. Stunningly, the DNC appears not to have a plan or know what to do to unseat him. The DNC's lack of a clear message may be squandering a tremendous opportunity to assume control of Congress and eventually the presidency. Clarity changes minds in red states and gathers votes in blue.

A purported champion of a progressive society in the Louise Slaughter mold, Joe Morelle's statements and website show that he either lacks clarity on important issues or does not have the conviction to state them. Rather, he gives the impression of an heir-apparent whose sole purpose is to be a blue Tory. If he is successful this November, I am sure he'll find his Congressional health plan, the one all Americans should have, to his liking.