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Government and freedom

Reading "Violence on the Mind" and "State of Corruption" (Urban Journal, April 24), I was starting to believe that a die-hard liberal has finally seen the light. It kinda looks like you realize that the government can't protect us as individuals – and that the liberal administrations, both national and state, are headed down the wrong path with even greater restrictions on our freedoms.

It is interesting that you commented on corruption and violence in the same article, maybe not realizing that they are one and the same thing. That is right: the corruption at the state and federal level is no less hideous than the bombers in Boston. The difference is that the bomber in Boston stole the freedoms of many instantly while the idiots in Albany and Washington DC are stealing our freedoms piece by piece. In both cases, you have people with a complete disregard for the freedom of others creating havoc for their own undefined ends.

This isn't a matter of gun control, as some associate the fight for freedom; it is about the insanity of trying to make everything illegal in the pursuit of "safety." When you have a state like New York that has an almost inbred need to make anything it can illegal and uses senseless violence like what has happened in Boston to justify even more restrictions on freedom, we as a nation and a state have problems.

It is bad enough that ill-conceived gun-control legislation was passed without the freedom to interact with our so-called representative government, but that wasn't good enough for some of our elected officials, who now want to reconsider the entire Bill of Rights. (The Mayor of New York City is pushing hard for this, and his government regularly ignores the Bill of Rights.)

It is no wonder that even non-gun-owners see us on a slippery slope to self destruction. I have to wonder when City will change its view: before or after the government comes to shut you down?

One of the great horrors of liberalism is the idea that the government always knows what is good for you. If that were the case, why is New York in such a state of decay? The best course of action is for the people to stand up and demand that that which was taken away be returned by the state.