City should encourage food trucks

Other cities throughout the world have figured out ways to be sure that food trucks have become an integral part of their cities. Food trucks offer excellent cuisine in unusual places, and can respond to events throughout the city. I know several food truck owners, and literally end up getting in my car and driving to eat food from wherever they are that day. And wherever they are seems to be vanishing, as the city and towns keep limiting where they can serve from.

I challenge our normally obstructive city, county, and town governments to step outside the box and consider that fabulous cities like LA, Philadelphia, Boston, New York, Toronto, and others celebrate their food trucks and are known for gourmet cuisine on wheels. Rochester has the potential to be one of these cities – if it weren't for its continual interference by its own government.

As a business owner, I insist that Rochester re-examine its zoning and permitting laws, and its limits on food trucks participating in local events like the Busker competition. We harp constantly that we "need to attract a younger crowd" to Rochester and give college students a reason to stay here. Food trucks should be part of that solution, because their demographic crosses all borders.

Look carefully at the city's attitude, and check out the downtown area. Is it a bustling hive of commerce? Or row after row of empty buildings? By allowing food trucks you attract people, and you make the area more attractive to developers. I encourage you to visit fine venues such as Le Petit Poutine, Brick-N-Motor, Hello Arepa, and Wafel. I think you will find their food better than many restaurants in town, and each of these trucks is run by an entrepreneur. Shame on the city for discouraging these businesses, and shame on it for making it hard for them to succeed. We should be encouraging businesses like these.