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Single-payer saves money

Several states have hired accounting and auditing firms to analyze their health care financing structure and the results are always a dramatic confirmation of single-payer universal health care as the best and most efficient system.

The usual saving is at least $1,000 per person annually. With 20 million people in New York, the savings are huge. No wonder the insurance companies are against it. But why aren't all the Democrats, not to mention Republicans, sponsoring this legislation?

The health insurance companies and their allies are shamefully raking in huge profits while conducting expensive misinformation campaigns to derail progress. It would be most interesting to know how much they spend on management compensation, political contributions, and so-called public relations.

It would also be interesting to know how much they spend on lawyers and bureaucrats whose job is to find ways to deny payment for health care when you need it.

We need Medicare for all and if we cannot get it, we ought to enact the Gottfried bill (News, March 18) in New York. It is both morally and fiscally the right thing to do.


Democrats behaving badly

Them Fighting Dems (News, March 25) is a hilarious account of the state of the local Democratic Party. I can sum it all up with one statement: power-hungry control freaks behaving badly when they don't get their way.

How dare Lovely run a primary and win! I am no fan of Lovely, but the greatest thing about our system is that anyone can run for office...and win.

When the true nature of our democratic system stops bothering some Democrats, then the embarrassing need for stories such as this one will cease to exist. Don't hold your breath.


The local Democratic Party is a mess all right. They complain about their lack of clout in the County Legislature, yet they have complete control of the city and seem unable to manage it without looking like the Keystone Kops.

At the state level, Ted O'Brien was soundly defeated by Rich Funke to help give control of the Senate to the Republicans. Louise Slaughter almost lost her seat to Mark Assini in what was supposed to be a shoo-in for her. And Bob Duffy bailed out as Cuomo's running mate.

Cuomo couldn't even carry Monroe County in his re-election bid. Not to mention Joe Morelle, who was pushed out of the running for speaker by the Downstate Democrats.


The actual division started to show when Joe Morelle, then chair, declared Tom Richards the nominee before some primarily black LD's met. When the agreement (denied by Richards and Morelle) that Richards was not going to run for re-election was withdrawn, all hell started to break loose.

Like it or not, the party is the party of white folks and a separate party of black folks — sadly caused by the white folks who say liberal things while excluding blacks.