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Arab nations need to do more for refugees

There has been a lot of controversy over the last few months regarding the acceptance of immigrants and refugees from the turmoil in Syria and Iraq. Currently, European nations are bearing the large brunt of this influx and the United States has been asked to share this burden.

There is a very wide cultural and religious gulf between the Western nations, including the US, and the refugees/migrants.

It's appalling to me, however, that none of the rich Arab nations such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have made any effort to settle these refugees, despite the closer cultural and religious ties the migrants share with these nations. These nations should be required to do their part.


America's to-do list

Stop fighting undeclared wars in the Middle East. Bring home the troops. Convert all foreign aid to domestic aid; take care of our own. Limit welfare benefits to a maximum of two years. Develop alternative sources of energy. Sever all ties to OPEC. Drastically reduce the flow of immigration.

Abolish the IRS and set up a national sales tax so every citizen and every business contributes. Refuse to put up with the disgraceful, self-serving behavior of today's politicians. Stop interfering in the affairs of other nations!


Trump peddles fear

I, just like many other Hispanics, am very tenacious. We need to work just as much or even more to get to where we need or want to be in our lives.

America has dealt with a lot since 9/11. But since then, there has been this unnecessary fear being built off of stereotypes of people from around the world. Many of the reasons why Trump is getting votes are because of fear. He says things that people "want to hear." He wants to make a wall on the US-Mexico border.

Trump won't get my vote in November. He won the Latino vote in Nevada, but that's only representative of a small number of Latino voters in that state and the country. So when Trump says "I won over Hispanics," it is far from accurate.

Trump says that he will make America great. America is great. It will always be great. Unfortunately, we face issues such as the threat of ISIS and law enforcement using excessive force. Trump uses these things to convince people that he can save them.

Can he practice what he preaches? Is he ready for the responsibility of this country and its citizens? Is he willing to sacrifice to help those in need? Is he willing to base his decisions on the best interest of the citizens? Will he be able to live with a decision that may change people's lives or ruin them?


Senior, Our Lady of Mercy High School