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Feedback 3/18


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Frat fails

The recent revelations about the SAE fraternity at the University of Oklahoma are very interesting to me. I was not a frat boy, but I have heard that song and worse and I have seen pledges forced to drink beer until they throw up or pass out.

I once visited a frat house that had a chalkboard in the basement with the names of "girls who f*&k on the first date." I don't believe it is an isolated event and shake my head in sorrow knowing that the frat boys with their bare ankles and Docksides run this country.


Racism is the real battle

Responding to the letter, "Monroe needs a new name" (Feedback, March 4), America would be hard pressed to eliminate all of the ways in which racists and oppressors of blacks and other peoples have been memorialized and honored by having communities, buildings, landmarks, etc. named after them.

Because most of us do not know the history of this country, and because much of what is known has been bastardized, we do not recognize that racism is simply a part of the fabric that has shrouded America through most of its history. Perhaps it is now beginning to be acknowledged.

Instead of being concerned about names, let us concentrate on undoing the fabric of racism that cloaks America today.


On residency restrictions for sex offenders (News, March 11):

Academics advise that three things are needed for successful re-entry: a job, a place to live, and a positive support system. I think the communities [with residency restrictions] are ignoring these facts and they are doing so based on fear-mongering by the media.

Many law enforcement officers will say off the record that they can't manage all the laws and restrictions that they are expected to enforce with registrants. This reminds me of the cycle some corporate executives practice: they promise it, engineering is expected to produce it, and the grunts are expected to put it in place, on time, and maintain it. Sound about right?

Did anybody see the story on the news recently, where three siblings: a 10- year-old boy, an 8-year-old girl, and an 18-month-old in a stroller were at the playground, unsupervised?

A guy came along, took the baby out of the stroller, and started running away. The other two kids started screaming and running after him. They got the attention of the adults and teens in the area, and the teens joined in the chase. The guy put the toddler down and ran away. That is perfect.

Do you think the now-identified 15-year-old suspect was on any sex offender registry? That is the point: train children what to do because 95 percent of the time it is not a person on the "tool" that is supposed to keep everyone safe.




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