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Rochester helps the homeless

The Downtown United Presbyterian Church, in partnership with Spiritus Christi, has completed the most marvelous two weeks any church could dream of, thanks to you, the Greater Rochester community.

We took a leap into the unknown and offered shelter to the struggling residents of Sanctuary Village who had been evicted from their tent homes. The church had the space, an incredibly supportive and helpful staff, and some willing volunteers.

And you, the Rochester community, kept phone lines ringing with offers of food, clothing, bedding, and money. You appeared with hot meals, spent the night as one of three night managers, and drove our guests to morning destinations.

Our guests were constantly appreciative and want to thank you for your caring.

We are also grateful to the Glazer family who, while in deep mourning, offered temporary housing in a warehouse for the rest of the winter. This shelter has required non-stop work to install heat and bring the building up to code. Portable toilets must be brought in and the building lacks running water.

Even so, this gives Sister Grace and her team a moment to catch their breath and immerse themselves in finding and preparing a permanent space.

For two weeks, we all have experienced the joy of being a truly united, loving community. Now our challenge is to keep this solidarity alive and work with Sister Grace and the city and county to find permanent housing for all people without shelter.


Mothers and climate change

Just when you think we're out of ideas on how to mobilize folks to address climate change, Mothers Out Front (News, January 29) comes to Rochester.

One by one, day by day, woman by woman, there's a powerful new voice rising — a voice of concern, demanding attention to the worldwide crisis of climate change.


I love this. When I worked for Habitat for Humanity, I saw people of all political beliefs, ethnic backgrounds, and religions working together for a common cause.

I feel like Mothers Out Front has the opportunity to do the same thing to mobilize mothers around the common cause of protecting their children's future well-being, and the planet where their grandchildren will someday live.


Great idea to enlarge the demographic pond to include young mothers and children, especially since they will actually confront the full impact of human-caused climate disruption.

But let's not forget that this will affect us all and it takes a village to work on such a weighty problem. As a member of self-described "grandfathers out front" for six years, we helped stop fracking in Perinton and New York State.

Check out the Facebook page for Citizens' Alliance for a Pristine Perinton, www.facebook.com/capp-ny.


Morelle never had a speaker's chance

Joe had too many things against him. He is white male from Upstate. That won't get him anywhere with his party. The Democrats are proving that New York City pretty much controls New York State.