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Last week, CITY published Editor David Andreatta's response to Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren's new "If I Were Mayor" essay contest. (Sure, the contest is for eighth-graders, but we're all kids at heart and everyone has ideas for the city.) Readers responded on social media in turn.

Here's a sampling of what they would do if they were mayor:

If I were mayor, I'd open a Neiman Marcus on Parcel 5.
Stephanie Layne, Facebook

Get someone to shovel the sidewalks.
@Fortissimona, Twitter

I'd offer tax incentives to revitalize the High Falls area.
@poptorts15, Instagram

Stop awarding contracts to luxury apt builders. Fix all the roads. Reinvest in public transportation.
@drumdougbeard, Instagram

I would make high speed WiFi free and mount routers to every telephone pole.
@missjessicarider, Instagram

I would fire the mayor.
@ecruisco, Instagram

I would create more community gardens and similar green spaces throughout the city.
@emilyaune, Instagram

I would champion a "Goodman Street shuttle" that goes up and down Goodman all day.
@jesseamesmith, Instagram