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A world gone wrong

A pounding heart may have interfered with watching and listening to prosecutor McCulloch's statement last week. I've not tried to examine a transcript or view the press conference again. However, I recall that, yes, he did express sympathy for the Brown family.

Meantime, notwithstanding all the references to contradictory and unreliable testimony, there are, at minimum, these facts: an unarmed person, 18 years old, was shot multiple times by a police officer, resulting in death. A supposedly trained officer was apparently unable to wound and subdue an unarmed attacker.

There is also the revelation from Darren Wilson's testimony that one of the first details he observed about Michael Brown was his bright yellow socks displaying green marijuana leaves. Have we all gone crazy? Only some of us?

I suppose I'm safe from ever feeling personally threatened in the presence of armed police. Yet for society as a whole, fear, hate, and insanity continually grow in power, and I expect to have many more horrible dreams for the rest of my life in this world gone wrong.


It's up to us

Ms. Towler's call for leadership misses the point (Urban Journal, November 19). We don't need leaders; we need facilitators. We need people with enough education, experience, tenacity, and people skills to solve some of our most vexing social, economic, and ecological problems. Who are these people? Surprise! They are you and me.

We don't need so-called leaders to educate us; we could educate ourselves, if only there weren't so many distractions and we were willing to admit our ignorance. In general, the distractions are too tempting, and all too often we choose to live in willful ignorance rather than make the effort to understand the nature of complex issues.

Change does happen, but only slowly as people come to realize the benefits of alternative courses of action. Sometimes it takes a cataclysmic event to overcome inertia, but certainly rhetoric no longer moves us. Our recent presidential "leaders" have had their own agendas, and due to their poor judgment and lack of experience, have only made our situation worse.

It's high time we did our own thinking, reached our own informed conclusions, worked together with people who have reached similar conclusions, and acted as one to achieve our common goals.


On Ferguson:

The behavior of one young man has taken his own life. As well, this young man's behavior has ruined the life of a policeman in the Ferguson Police Department as well as the officer's family. But the most tragic, this young man has ruined the lives of his own family, too, because he could not follow the law and a policeman's orders.


It appeared to me that the prosecutor subverted the grand jury to get the no bill he wanted...Officer Wilson may very well be not guilty, but the way this whole thing was handled by the DA leaves many of Michael Brown's supporters feeling they didn't get a fair and open inquiry into all the facts surrounding this case.