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Feedback 11/20


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Greece goes to court

If Mary Anna Towler truly thinks that the two women "didn't ask the board to stop opening its meetings with prayer; they just wanted the prayers to be non-denominational," then I have a bridge in Brooklyn she might be interested in buying ("Greece and the Supremes," Urban Journal).

I fully agree that the prayers should be non-sectarian, but this is just a stepping stone for a greater agenda. If the Court rules against the Town Board, it will open the door to the banning of any kind of religious displays on public property, be it crèches or menorahs. Then Christmas lights will disappear, and soon thereafter the very word "Christmas" will be banned.

I think the hostility of these Grinches comes from their inability to enjoy the love of St. Valentine's Day, the gaiety of St. Patrick's Day, the wonder of Easter, the fun of Halloween, the blessedness of Thanksgiving and, especially, the joy of Christmas. If they can't celebrate them then, by golly, why should anyone else be allowed to? Bah, humbug!

A country that was built on majority rule is being strangled by its minorities. Every individual's right must be defended not matter how trivial or ridiculous. The un-American Civil Liberties Union is having a field day. 

America is fast on its way to becoming a secular, Godless society. The rights of Christians are being trampled. For too long we have been taught to turn the other cheek, with the result that we fear invoking even a simple "God bless you" in response to a sneeze. Lenin is laughing in his tomb. It's time for us to reclaim our civil rights.


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