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Stigma only harms people seeking help

In response to the article about Brighton residents' concerns about a possible methadone clinic (News, October 28), this sort of argument is exactly the sort of thing that prevents people from accessing and engaging in care. It is also ridiculous to assume that these individuals aren't already in your community, because they are a part of your community.

More locations to access methadone will help the area greatly. As stated in the article, there is already a shortage of access to treatment, often with a waiting list to see a provider.

Another issue is the assumption that all of those engaging in treatment are criminals or inherently bad. The face of addiction is changing, and perpetuating this stereotype only prevents people from asking for help and engaging.

Over the years there has been a marked increase in heroin use in the suburbs. In February 2014, the Democrat and Chronicle published an article explaining that users are increasingly coming from the suburbs due to the price and accessibility of heroin.

Let us continue to promote an environment of treatment and support instead of perpetuating the stigma that creates barriers to recovery.


Livestock's role in climate change

Fossil fuels are only part of the problem. It has come to light that animal agriculture is one of the major causes of climate change. So on an individual level, the biggest dent would be to switch to a vegan lifestyle. So let's make a difference on a personal level first. Go vegan.


No absolution

We knew enough decades ago to have addressed climate change with far less disruption and pain than is now required, but our nature told us not to act despite the clear writing on the wall. And this is without question our fault, and does not bode well for the likelihood that we will start doing better now. Efforts like Mr. Frank's (News, November 4) to make us feel OK about the evil we have already wrought get us nowhere on the journey we now face.


The real victory was Warren's

The big winner of this election (outside of the Republican Party) was Lovely Warren. She proved that without her prodding, Democrats will stay home, which they did, in droves. Maybe next time the Democratic Party will run a county executive candidate with at least some appeal to city voters. Sandy Frankel had zero appeal for the majority of city voters.


Cameras are about the cash

The city says the red-light cameras are for safety, yet they stepped up the collection of fines by booting cars and adding penalties. Are there any red light cameras in Monroe County other than in the City of Rochester? I find it hard to believe that the only unsafe intersections (which require cameras) are within the city limits. It's not about safety; it's about the revenue it generates.


The auction of Medley Centre was called off last week after an outstanding tax bill was paid. At least one reader was disappointed.

You guys know I bought, like, $40 worth of guacamole for this, right? Someone is paying me back for that.