Mitt Romney as chameleon

I'm not sure about Obama, although I'll vote for him as I did in 2008. What I am sure of is that Romney cannot be trusted. We don't know what he believes in.

The October 9 edition of Frontline on PBS chronicled both Romney and Obama. Romney, as Massachusetts governor, pioneered mandated health care and was pro choice. Now he is pro life and, in his debate with Obama on October 3, he contends that though "Obamacare" is nearly exactly like "Romneycare" and, indeed, modeled after it, it should be for the states to decide. I contend that everyone in this country should have access to the same kind of health care, not just the people in Massachusetts.

Romney is a chameleon; he's changed his stripes to reflect his political environment. Frontline lays this out in chilling detail. Conservatives? Buyer beware!