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Keep the arches of the aqueduct

Rochester's history is marked by multiple factors, and many things have become symbols of our community. The Broad Street Bridge is one of these symbols.

You show anyone the bridge, and they immediately know: Rochester, New York. You remove the top row of arches from the old subway tunnel, and nobody knows what it is.

It's fine to redevelop this area and remove the traffic deck. However, the arches on the top row play a pivotal role in transportation history and the history and evolution of transit systems as a whole – not just in New York, but nationwide. Even our library uses these arches as a logo and symbol of who we are as a community. They are major identity markers for this community.

You can easily keep them as part of the new development by using their base as a guard rail between people and the river and then by using the arches as a beautiful piece along either side. The center arches can be removed, but the sides must stay. That is non-negotiable. To remove these would be an outrage, not just for our community but the nation.


Transgender community needs protection

Donald Trump is trying to single out the transgender community by considering not letting individuals change their gender. Not only is this cruel, but it's also detrimental to the transgender community. To discriminate, shut people out, and silence our trans friends is extremely invalidating.

Title IX is what the transgender community holds onto. It's protecting their rights. To take that away shows the level of apathy Trump has for the trans community.

Trump can change laws, but he will never be able to change the existence or science behind trans folks.

We need to realize, though, that progress will be made if we amplify our voices. The mindset that Trump has today has been the mindset of many other people around the world. To eliminate the stigma, action needs to be taken. Please, call your representatives and let them know that we need legal protections for the trans community, donate to an organization that helps with trans rights, and educate yourselves!

Trans people won't be erased.


Impeaching the president

With the talk about impeaching President Trump, it should be noted that Impeachment does not necessarily mean removal from office. The impeached president is entitled to a trial by the US Senate, and only after a majority vote of "guilty" is the president removed from office.

President Clinton was impeached and after his trial was found not guilty. He finished his term.


Consultants and the city

On a consultant's report on the effect a new Broadway theater could have on other arts groups: What a surprise. A report commissioned by backers of a new mega-theater supports the idea that the theater will be a positive for the community.

I wonder when the last time was that these consultants issued a study telling those paying for the study something other than what they wanted to hear?

I seem to recall that the city and CATS commissioned studies that concluded that a ferry between Rochester and Toronto would be a great idea.


A theater for RBTL

On the city's announcement of a new site for a new RBTL theater: on riverfront land now occupied by the Riverside Hotel: This is the right direction for both the RBTL performing arts center and the future potential of Parcel 5.

The original public space proposal submitted to the City for Parcel 5: https://visionarysquare.org. Let's continue to build upon the initial idea and grow the vision for a vibrant street-level space that can be utilized year-round.


Interesting compromise for the city to distance itself from Morgan and their legal troubles, re-evaluate Parcel 5 based on real community input, and still provide a much needed update to our off-Broadway performance space. On the surface, it appears this might solve at least one of the city's challenges.

Now, about Parcel 5.


Once again, where will the money come from to support a new theater and the Auditorium?

Will a new theater cannibalize audiences from existing arts groups?

Answers, please, before decisions are made. And REAL answers, not happy answers from a poll designed to favor a theater.