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Wrong messages sent

This is regarding the women who was tackled and arrested while city police were going after open-air drug dealers, after she was told to stay away (News, September 28). This is also directed to the so-called community leaders upset about it.

There were two messages sent here. The first is to young people: that you do not have to follow laws or listen to police.

The second is to the police. This message is to stay out of their neighborhood and leave their drug dealers alone.


Readers had a lot to say about Gallina's proposal for a 14-story tower and a park at Midtown's Parcel 5 downtown(News, September 28).

Every new building in the city means one less existing building is likely to be rehabbed. Also, by the pictures and the article, the mixed-use description does not seem to include nice, low-income housing or anything to alleviate poverty.


It is truly sad to see so many people trying to find reasons to oppose this project. The only reason there is a park is because ignorant people went to one show downtown on a gravel lot and had a good time.

So now, rather than building more on the site and creating more jobs, earning profit for the developer and tax money for the city, the developer made a concession to those dolts screaming for more green space, even though MLK Jr. Park is literally a few blocks away. And guess what? It's beautiful! And you're STILL complaining! Yes, there are problems in this city. But creating a plan that drastically enhances our downtown AND creates jobs can do nothing but help the situation.

With all the conservative-thinking people in this city, I'm surprised developers want to build anything here. It's pathetic, and people need to step back and realize how incredible it is that someone wants to invest tens of millions of dollars into our downtown.

Stop getting in the way of progress! This is a plan for everyone and we should all be proud that our city has come this far.


Well, it would be nice to put something there that would either create 1,000's of jobs, not just a few, or something that everyone could afford and enjoy (like the old Midtown mall).

It sounds like only the first floor will hire any retail and food-service employees. The offices will probably be existing businesses without the need for new employees. The park may generate a few employees. Maintenance and cleaning help may generate a few jobs. Hmmmmm.....I guess it is all about the money and tax revenue.


Instead of green space or a facility for everyone to enjoy, it's nothing more than a proposed home and playground for the wealthiest of the wealthy.


Why on earth does Rochester need another condo building?