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FAMILY | Animals as Superheroes


For years, the creators of superhero stories used animals as a shorthand to convey a hero's greatness — a name can signal the agility of a spider, the ferocity of a wolverine, or the secretive nature of a bat. For kids raised in a world where superhero stories have taken over film and television, the relationship works in the other direction, meaning the fictional characters can be a launching point to learn about the amazing things real-world animals can do. RMSC's Animal Week will feature a series of daily visitors with unusual abilities, including the porcupine, eastern kangaroo, Russian tortoise, and many more. In addition to these special guests, the event features a number of interactive exhibitions to highlight these uncanny creatures.

Saturday, February 15, through Sunday, February 23, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily. Rochester Museum and Science Center, 657 East Avenue. Included with admission, $16 to $18. 271-4320;