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Fall Guide 2004


Fall with grace

It leads us into the grip of colder, darker winter, but fall is a gentle warden. The colors are rich, the temperature is comfortable, and everything smells good. And best of all, fall brings with it a boom of cultural events.

Autumn is theater, dance, and art shows! It's movies and live music! It's museum exhibits and poetry readings and cooking with funny fruits! Art reviewers Alex Miokovic and Heidi Nickisher, movie reviewer Dayna Papaleo, and music writers Frank De Blase and Josh Mailman are all here to give you the inside scoop on art shows, music concerts, and movie releases. Michael Warren Thomas documents his hunt for strange fall fruits and vegetables on the rebound. And columnist Jennifer Loviglio makes us all feel a little better about ourselves with her thoughts on what failure means in a world of creative success.

There's plenty to do on your way to the bottom. So enjoy the fall.

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In This Guide...

  • Seeking the artful bounty

    Members of the Rochester Association of Art Dealers already inaugurated the new season; they strutted their stuff during Galleries Week, which started the second weekend of September. Most of their exhibits will remain up for several weeks, giving you plenty to see.

  • Hitting the lecture circuit

    OK, all you nerds out there, it's time to get down to work. Stock your pencil boxes, pull out your literary anthologies, and check the batteries in your tape recorders: fall is bursting with enough lectures and literary events to make us all feel like we're back in school again.

  • Lack not music’s pleasures

    It may be years, decades, centuries, before the Olympics come to Rochester. While you're waiting, enjoy the abundant classical music Rochester offers every year, all year round.

  • Putting on a good show

    It is, in my opinion, the best moment in the world: after the lights go down and before the show starts. Voices hush, bodies settle, and you wait.

  • City’s choice: family theater

    Theater is not just for grownups. Besides the magical tradition of The Nutcracker, during the fall there are other performances around town for the family to enjoy.

  • Failure is so possible

    Fall arrives in Rochester with a flurry of colorful brochures announcing dance, music, and theater events. It's an exciting time of year for arts lovers --- authors start arriving, film festivals hit town, and art exhibitions open.

  • Searching for the Holy Grail (of fruit)

    The fall harvest season is one of my favorites, with cool nights and an almost endless variety of fruits and vegetables to sample, some more well-known than others. Lately, I have fallen in love with the heirloom tomato "Brandywine" --- which is not very red, is impossible to slice for the perfect sandwich, and has a thin skin unsuitable for shipping.

  • Hear your live delights

    I figure since we got screwed out of summer we deserve a cool fall. And I'm not talking about the mercury either.

  • Only the movies you want to see

    As I was thinking about how to structure this piece on the films of autumn, I became hung up on the notion of film criticism versus movie reviewing. Film criticism is an art that seems to require a thorough steeping in film history, astute reasoning, an extremely keen eye, and the ability to concisely convey your thoughts using clever word-type thingies.