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Exploring "The Living Sea"

Underwater adventures with the RMSC Planetarium's new show


The LivingSea

The new flick at the RochesterMuseum and ScienceCenter's Strasenburgh Planetarium is big and exciting. It's so good, it's almost worth sitting through the Sting music that accompanies it. Let's see what the kids thought.

Oscar, what's The Living Sea about?

Oscar (4 years old): Everything that's living under the sea.

Anything to add to that, Iris?

Iris (7): My favorite part was when they were swimming through the little field of farmer jellyfish.

Farmer jellyfish? What do you mean by "farmer"?

Iris: They grow their own food instead of shocking it and eating it.

Lila, what about you?

Lila (10): I like when they find the cuttlefish. And when the ship goes near all those huge waves.

You mean the Coast Guard ship?

Lila: Yeah. It's really cool.

Oscar, do you remember the name of the Coast Guard's rescue dummy?

Oscar: Um... Oscar!

Lila: Poor Oscar.

Oscar: Yeah, poor Oscar.

What's good about seeing the movie at the planetarium?

Lila: It's cool at the planetarium because it's like the animals and stuff are right up in your face.

Iris: It's so much like you're really there. Except that it's on the ceiling.

Lila: It's cool to see the waves come so close because it's like they're hitting you.

Anything else to add?

Oscar: It's really cool because in the end they say, "We rescued Oscar."

For "LivingSea" show times, visit movie times (noncommercial)

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