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Exodus To Jazz goes on semi-hiatus

E.J. Strickland and Rene Marie concerts postponed


Citing low turnout for earlier shows in the season, promoter Jose DaCosta announced today that the Exodus to Jazz series is going on a semi-hiatus while the schedule is reconsidered.

That means that the E.J. Strickland and Rene Marie concerts, originally scheduled for Saturday, October 27, and Thursday, November 15, respectively, are being postponed due to low advance ticket sales.

"It really speaks to the fact that while I thought I put together a line-up I was pretty excited about, I guess I didn't focus enough on educating people on who the artists were in a lot of cases, or in making sure that the marketing or promotion surrounding each concert was at a sufficiently high level," DaCosta says. "As a result, the initial shows, the attendance was substantially below my expectations. For me the hiatus is an opportunity to step back and not only reassess my artist selection process, but to figure out what I can do to make more people aware of the shows and create more compelling choices."

DaCosta is currently working with the artists to determine which shows will be rescheduled, and a new, scaled-down schedule for this year's seasons is expected to be announced on Monday, October 22.

Check City for updates on the new schedule as they are made available.