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EXHIBITION | "Aliens and Androids"


We've all asked the question at some point: are we alone? Then somebody near you says "I'm right here," and you give an angry rebuttal on how you were talking about alien life. If the concept piques your interest, the Rochester Museum and Science Center has the exhibit you've been waiting for.

"Alien Worlds and Androids" explores if we are truly alone by showcasing the works of scientists looking for alien life. It also examines the robots and androids that are so popular in Hollywood films, and some will even be there in the form of full-size models (C-3PO and Iron Man just to name a few).

The exhibition opens Friday, September 27, is free with regular museum admission, and will run through December 22, so there are plenty of opportunities to make it. The RMSC is located at 657 East Ave. Go to for more information.