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ELECTRONIC | "Operation Impending Boom II"


Love Nightclub has the line-up to support a crazy event name like "Operation Impending Boom II: GIRS Cheesagedon." The club is calling all "galactic defenders" to the dance floor to fight back against GIR and its armada — enacting its revenge following a defeat during "Operation Impending Boom I." The party will feature an army of DJs and electronic artists supplying the rave with UK Hardcore, Glitch-Hop, Hardstyle, Trance, and everything else needed to repel an invasion. The night — presented by BadWolf and NeonRainbow MindF***, and sponsored by Kikwear Industries — will feature Atum (Portland, Oregon), Sigil (Portland), Sprout (Hamilton, Ontario), sK1TTl3z (Philadelphia), Snow (Rochester), Jay Irizarry (Rochester), Blinkin (Rochester), MC Jumper (Rochester), and MC Pez (Buffalo). Queen Ve Designs will also be on hand.

"Operation Impending Boom II" is Friday, August 1, at Love Nightclub, 45 Euclid Street. 9 p.m. $20.