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Do you have dreams of outer space? DIGDUGDIY is back with a whole new groove, and a pressing need to know. In fact, this group would descend the deepest moon crater to find out. Headlining this foray out is The Archaeologist, who, while still leaning in a distinctly mid-tempo electronic direction, has gone all Daft Punk on us in his latest release. In a DIY spirit, this can be purchased on cassette inside a Walkman. Bobby Fischer will be there to enthrall us with some smooth, occasionally electro-tinged rap. Rounding out the evening will be DJMK and Ramblin' E Moore with his guitar getting a little folky. As always, the pinball machine will be in the corner waiting to eat quarters.

DIGDUGDIY Space Camp party takes Friday, March 29, 10 p.m. at Skylark Lounge, 40 S. Union St. $3. 18+. 270-8106,