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DUB-HOP | Blackened Blues


Blackened Blues started with two brothers, one a rapper in Atlanta, one a bass player in Brooklyn. Since coming to Rochester, they've spared no time pulling together a band from various projects currently bouncing around in the depths of Dubland. For this funky brew, you require one dash Subsoil (Brad Sheffield on guitar and Jon Lourette on sax), two pinches Roots Collider (Jimmy Grillo on drums and Dexter Redic), and a little poetic flair, and you get what, admittedly, at first glance kind of sounds like a mix of Roots Collider and Subsoil. But, much like any dish that needs you to pause a second and savor it, this mix is so much more. It's got all the funky rhythms you would expect, but with some lyrically appealing rapping thrown on top, and even some occasional highlights of sax and scratching. It's surprisingly smooth.

Blackened Blues performs Saturday, December 8, 10 p.m. at Dubland Underground, 315 Alexander St. $10-$20. 232-7550.