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DOOM METAL | The Obsessed


Scott Wino has always been somewhat of a man out of time. It's a fact he readily acknowledges on the legendary, self-explanatory Saint Vitus track "Born Too Late," crooned with the kind of gallows acceptance you'd expect from the only real metal dude signed to SST Records in the 1980's. When he was peeling off slow and low riffs for doom metal forefathers The Obsessed, however, Wino never sounded more at home. Classic songs like "Brother Blue Steel," "Forever Midnight," and "Tombstone Highway" sound as old and indomitable as rock itself, legitimized further by a man who carries that same spirit within himself.

The Obsessed plays with Saints & Winos, King Buffalo, The Highest Leviathan, and Rotten UK on Friday, December 22, at Photo City Improv, 543 Atlantic Avenue. 7 p.m. $15; $17 under 21.;