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DJ/ELECTRONIC: The Quadratic Trio


Have you ever heard an album that made you swear you were under the ocean when you shut your eyes and listened? If you've spun The Antlers' recent release "Undersea," or the Tears Run Rings masterwork "Distance," then you know exactly what you're in store for with The Quadratic Trio. This band takes that spacey music and raises it to the nth degree with "Aquatexture." Using a quadraphonic sound system and synths, the performance is meant to not only create the mental image of being underwater, but maybe even trick you into feeling it. There will be all the aquatic noises you'd expect, and maybe a few you wouldn't, which should serve well to keep you from "floating off" the narrative arc of the performance. If nothing else, this will go splendidly with the snowy weather undoubtedly on its way, and it should certainly be all kinds of relaxing.

The Quadratic Trio performs Friday, November 16, with shows at 8 & 10 p.m. at MuCCC, 142 Atlantic Ave. $6.