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DJ/Electronic | Neuroceptor


Genesis P-Orridge of the proto-industrial group Psychic TV once made the controversial statement that "all music is innately psychedelic." Whether you agree with him or not, it can certainly be said that some types of music are just more focused on consciousness expansion than others. Rochester's Neuroceptor creates unabashedly psychedelic music utilizing both electronic tools, as well as more traditional "organic" instruments. Favoring dubby downtempo grooves and various ethnic influences, Neuroceptor paints explosively colorful, lavishly textured soundscapes reminiscent of popular EDM acts like Shpongle. Harmony Flo also bring its brand of dub-psy trance to the bill.

  Neuroceptor performs Friday, October 25, 10:30 p.m., at Dubland Undergound, 315 Alexander St., $5-$10.