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District attorney to address campaign finance allegations against Mayor Lovely Warren


Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley has called a 2 p.m. news to address her office's investigation into alleged campaign finance violations by Mayor Lovely Warren.

Allegations that Warren and workers for her 2017 re-election campaign and a political action committee she created illegally coordinated their activities have circulated for years.

But the District Attorney's Office ramped up its investigation of the matter in March after receiving a 35-page report from state Board of Elections investigators that found "considerable evidenceā€ that Warren, along with her associates, took steps to intentionally evade limits on campaign donations.

The report was the result of complaints lodged with the board her opponents in the 2017 race, Rachel Barnhart and James Sheppard, a current county legislator, and a former county legislator, respectively.

Prosecutors presented evidence of their findings in the matter to a grand jury on Sept. 17.

Doorley has yet to speak publicly about the findings of her office.

This is a developing story. Check back with CITY for more details as they become available.