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Discovering An Inconvenient Truth

One 11-year-old's plea to his peers

Recently global warming has become a big problem, and the government hasn't been doing anything about it. Neither is it informing the public.

But Al Gore's documentary An Inconvenient Truth answered many of my questions and taught me many scary possibilities. For example, I learned that as the polar ice caps melt, many great places like New York City and my favorite, Seattle, might end up underwater.

Since the planet's kids will be affected by global warming, I strongly urge adults to take their children to see the film. On the night I attended, I noticed that my sister, my friend, my friend's teenage sister, and I were the only kids in the theater. It's OK for families to see Ice Age 2: The Meltdown, but I think you should see An Inconvenient Truth as well. So rather than sit back and not know anything, I want you to see it and get involved --- it even has a cartoon clip by Matt Groening and Al Gore on a hydraulic lift.

--- Dalton Cooper, age 11

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