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DISCO | The United Booty Foundation


Back in the 1990's, when The United Booty Foundation landed in Rochester from planet Funktron — or maybe it was Syracuse — it didn't take long for audiences to embrace lead singer JT and his crew: guitarist Lucius, bassist Hutch, Dr. Fever on keys, and drummer Brother Starsky. Four straight years of weekend shows at Water Street Music Hall was proof that The United Booty Foundation was the shiz. After a long hiatus, the character driven disco-rock act is back with new members Venus Flytrap, on keyboards, and Darryl "Disco" Dawkins behind the drums. Close your eyes and imagine Water Street Music Hall circa 1999. Repeat after me: One nation under Booty, indivisible, with disco and funk for all.

The United Booty Foundation performs on Saturday, February 7, at Water Street Music Hall, 204 North Water Street. 8 p.m. $10.