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Design redo


Morgan Management has submitted a revised plan for a proposed apartment development at 933 University Avenue. | The proposal has faced opposition from some neighborhood groups over its size and density. Eastman House officials oppose the project, too, as they had hoped to acquire the land. | Morgan Management has revised its plans several times in response to neighborhood concerns. The last iteration lowered the number of apartments to 102 and increased the number of parking spaces to 164. It also dramatically changed the exterior. | The new plan would retain but restore the Monroe Voiture clubhouse currently located on the site. It also drops the proposed number of apartment units from 102 to 99. The design and placement of the building remain unchanged. | The city's Preservation Board will take up the proposal on August 7, and based on that meeting, will make a recommendation to the Planning Commission about the impact of the project on the character of the neighborhood. The earliest the Planning Commission will review and vote on the proposal is in September. The application then goes back to the Preservation Board for a vote.