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Dazed and satisfied

The first time I saw The Fevertones was during an impromptu set at the Rochester Public Market, so it was high time that I caught the band at a proper gig. Singer-songwriter Emma Lane opened up Friday night's show at the Bug Jar with a solo acoustic set. I couldn't tell if Emma Lane was one word or two, but the Hilton native was charismatic with stars in her eyes as she announced plans to record in Nashville. After a quick changeover, The Fevertones took the stage and dug deep into its dustbowl-era songbook of original tunes. By the time the quartet rolled into its third and fourth numbers, the growing crowd was feeling it too. This young outfit (sans drummer) was spirited and snappy, comprised of upright bass, fiddle, harmonica, guitar, and trombone. These kids sure have old souls. White Woods rounded out the night. The triple ax jingle jangle of this alt-country quintet had the audience dancing in harmony with its barnburner "I'm Your Man."

I caught folk singers Lucy Kaplansky and Lisa Bigwood at Café Veritas on Saturday. Lisa Bigwood's performance was enjoyable and she had great chemistry with the packed house. Manhattan-resident Lucy Kaplansky mixed originals with deeply personal covers of artists, including Townes Van Zandt. Kaplansky owned the night with songs like Eliza Gilkyson's piano tune "Sanctuary." Both ladies left me feeling serenaded, made only better by the warm and peaceful ambience of Café Veritas.

On Sunday night my earplugs and I headed to Montage Music Hall to check out Los Angeles-based prog metal outfit Intronaut. I accidentally stumbled upon the group's album "Habitual Levitations" a couple of weeks ago and dug it. This was an early show and I caught the band mid-set, but from what I saw, Intronaut was flawless. The back end of Danny Walker (drums) and Joe Lester (bass) crushed it. There never seemed to be a moment of silence; the space between songs was filled with smoke and noise. Intronaut shifted gears between stormy and ethereal so many times that I felt dazed. It left me satisfied.