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David reviews "The Cougar and the Cabana Boy"



If you're not quite ready to say goodbye to summer, slip on your flip-flops and catch one of the remaining performances of "The Cougar and the Cabana Boy" at Xerox Auditorium. This original musical by Dresden Engle and J. Daniel Lauritzson features a very agreeable cast and a story as light and colorful as the beach balls that get thrown around in one of the big numbers. The cast consists of three groups of four: the cougars (Dresden Engle, Linda Gressell, Kristen Mezzio, Kimberly Schwenzer), a libidinous group who make the Desperate Housewives look like the Lennon Sisters; their husbands (Mike Harrington, Ronald S. Herman, Don Letta, Nicolas Samper); and the humpy pool boys (Shawn Gray, Daniel Lauritzson, Brian J. Maxwell, Matthew Mayne) who entertain the ladies until their husbands return home unexpectedly. No further plot retelling necessary. The pop songs are catchy, the jokes are mostly smutty -- the takeoff of "Les Miz" is a hoot -- and the whole thing is nothing but fun, presented by a cast that is obviously having a good time. They were sometimes let down by a snap-crackle-and-pop sound system, but their voices are so strong that they may not even need it.

"The Cougar and the Cabana Boy" will be performed again on Friday, September 26, and Saturday, September 27, at TheatreROCS Stage at Xerox Auditorium. 6 p.m. $14.

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