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Cuomo orders food and drink establishments to move to take-out and delivery only

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Governor Andrew Cuomo has directed all restaurants, bars, distilleries, and breweries to move to take-out and delivery services only, effective 8 p.m. Monday. The announcement comes as the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases climbs statewide.

The establishments will be provided a waiver for carry-out alcohol.

Cuomo also directed all casinos, gyms, and movie theatres to close Monday evening, and banned events and gatherings with more than 50 people.

The new limits don’t extend to all businesses but Cuomo asked other industries to do their part. Specifically, he asked “nonessential” businesses to close by 8 p.m. daily.

“That’s grocery stores, gas stations, it’s not mandatory, but we’re strongly advising it,” Cuomo said. “And it’s not mandatory just yet, it may become mandatory.”

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  • Governor Andrew Cuomo
Cuomo, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, and Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont are taking a regional approach to slowing the spread of COVID-19. All three governors have established standards for crowd capacity and gatherings, based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The announcement comes as the state enters what Cuomo called the “mitigation phase,” where officials are trying to prevent an exponential growth in new cases. The primary focus is on slowing the spread of coronavirus so hospitals don’t get overwhelmed, which requires social distancing and keeping people isolated.

“We are entering the phase where we will begin to see a significant inflow into our hospitals and healthcare system,” Cuomo said.

“Look at the numbers here, look at the numbers in Italy or South Korea, you don’t need to do math, just connect the dots and look where this is heading,” Cuomo added.
On Sunday, officials announced Monroe County has 10 confirmed coronavirus cases.

As of March 15, New York State had 729 confirmed coronavirus cases, 400 of which were outside of New York City, according to the state Department of Health. On March 10, the state had 173 confirmed coronavirus cases.

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