Special Events

Councilman McFadden to Hold Forum on “Ban The Box” Legislation

When: Tue., May 13, 6:30 p.m. 2014

This legislation eliminates the ability of employers within the City of Rochester and vendors of the city with four or more employees to ask an applicant on an employment application if that person has been convicted of a felony. “Over the years, my office has received numerous complaints from constituents telling me how they were discriminated against based on the fact that they checked “the box”, with no consideration of their experience, schooling or ability to perform the duties of the job. Because of this, I have explored and researched ways to end this discrimination and have learned that many cities and even some states have implemented this legislation, even cities as close as Buffalo. This has been a proven initiative that helps put people to work, helps to eliminate this type of discrimination and ultimately lowers the rate of recidivism – all positive things.”, said Councilman McFadden.