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Cost of war 9.14.05

The totals:

1,893 US soldiers, 197 Coalition soldiers, and approximately 24,712 to 27,963 Iraqi civilians have been killed in Iraq from the beginning of the war and occupation to September 6. As of September 7, 14,362 US soldiers have been wounded in action.

American soldiers killed between September 2 and 6:

Specialist Luke C. Williams, 35; Knoxville, Tennessee | Specialist Jeffrey A. Williams, 20; Warrenville, Illinois | Sergeant Matthew C. Bohling, 22; Eagle River, Alaska | Staff Sergeant Jude R. Jonaus, 27; Miami, Florida | Sergeant Franklin R. Vilorio, 26; Miami, Florida | Hospitalman Robert N. Martens, 20; Queen Creek, Arizona.

Sources: US Department of Defense,, The New York Times,