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Cost of war 8.31.05

The totals:

1,876 US soldiers, 194 Coalition soldiers, and approximately 23,654 to 26,773 Iraqi civilians have been killed in Iraq from the beginning of the war and occupation to August 25.

From the beginning of the war through August 23, 14,120 US soldiers were wounded in action.

American soldiers killed between August 20 and 25:

Second Lieutenant James J. Cathey, 24; Reno, Nevada | Private First Class Elden D. Arcand, 22; White Bear Lake, Minnesota | Staff Sergeant Brian L. Morris, 38; Centreville, Michigan | Sergeant Joseph C. Nurre, 22; Wilton, California | Private First Class Ramon Romero, 19; Huntington Park, California | Specialist Hatim S. Kathiria, 23; Fort Worth, Texas | Staff Sergeant Victoir P. Lieurance, 34; Seymour, Tennessee | Sergeant Joseph D. Hunt, 27; Sweetwater, Tennessee | Master Sergeant Chris S. Chapin, 39; Proctor, Vermont | First Lieutenant Carlos J. Diaz, 27; Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico | Sergeant First Class Trevor J. Diesing, 30; Plum City, Wisconsin | Master Sergeant Ivica Jerak, 42; Houston, Texas | Corporal Timothy M. Shea, 22; Sonoma, California

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