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Cost of war - 8.23.06

The totals:

2604 US soldiers, 230 Coalition soldiers, and approximately 40,592 to 45,144 Iraqi civilians have been killed in Iraq from the beginning of the war and occupation to August 21.

3917 Iraqi police and guardsmen have been killed since January 2005, according to an estimate compiled from news reports.

American soldiers killed between August 9 and 16:

First Sergeant Aaron D. Jagger, 43, Hillsdale, Michigan | Specialist Ignacio Ramirez, 22, Henderson, Nevada | Specialist Shane W. Woods, 23, Palmer, Alaska | Staff Sergeant Michael C. Lloyd, 24, San Antonio, Texas | Staff Sergeant Kevin L. Zeigler, 31, Overland Park, Kansas | Staff Sergeant Kenneth A. Jenkins, 25, Fouke, Arkansas | Sergeant John P. Phillips, 29, St. Stephen, South Carolina | Lance Corporal Michael D. Glover, 28, Brooklyn, New York | Captain John J. McKenna IV, 30, Brooklyn, New York

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