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Cost of war 7.13.05

Body count

The totals:

1,754 American soldiers, 190 Coalition soldiers, and approximately 22,787 to 25,814 Iraqicivilians have been killed in Iraq from the beginning of the war and occupation to July 10.

American soldiers killed from July 3-10:

Specialist Rafael A. Carrillo Jr., 21; Boys Ranch, Texas | Sergeant Chad M. Mercer, 25; Waycross, Georgia | Sergeant Ryan J. Montgomery, 22; Greensburg, Kentucky | Staff Sergeant Jeremy A. Brown, 26; Mabscott, West Virginia | Specialist Christopher W. Dickison, 26; Seattle, Washington | Private Anthony M. Mazzarella, 22; Blue Springs, Missouri | Staff Sergeant Scottie L. Bright, 36; Jackson, Mississippi | Corporal Lyle J. Cambridge, 23; Shiprock, New Mexico | Sergeant Deyson K. Cariaga, 20; Honolulu, Hawaii | Staff Sergeant Joseph P. Goodrich, 32; Allegheny, Pennsylvania | Lance Corporal Ryan J. Kovacicek, 22; Washington, Pennsylvania.

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