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Cost of war - 4.19.06

The totals:

2369 US soldiers, 209 Coalition soldiers, and approximately 34,446 to 38,594 Iraqi civilians have been killed in Iraq from the beginning of the war and occupation to April 17.

3176 Iraqi police and guardsmen have been killed since January 2005, according to an estimate compiled from news reports.

American soldiers killed between April 6 and April 13:

Lance Corporal Bryan N. Taylor, 20, Milford, Ohio | Corporal Richard P. Waller, 22, Fort Worth, Texas | Specialist Shawn R. Creighton, 21, Windsor, North Carolina | Lance Corporal Philip J. Martini, 24, Lansing, Illinois | Private Jody W. Missildine, 19, Plant City, Florida | Lance Corporal Juana NavarroArellano, 24, Ceres, California | Private First Class Joseph I. Love, 22, North Pole, Alaska | Sergeant First Class Randall L. Lamberson, 36, Springfield, Missouri | Sergeant David S. Collins, 24, Jasper, Georgia | Sergeant First Class Gregory S. Rogers, 42, Cincinnati, Ohio | Specialist James W. Gardner, 22, Glasgow, Kentucky | Corporal Joseph A. Blanco, 25, Bloomington, California | Private First Class James F. Costello III, 27, St. Louis, Missouri | Private First Class George R. Roehl Jr., 21, Manchester, New Hampshire | Corporal Kenneth D. Hess, 26, Asheville, North Carolina | Specialist Scott M. Bandhold, 37, North Merrick, New York | Private First Class Roland E. Calderon-Ascencio, 21, Miami, Florida | Lance Corporal Marcus S. Glimpse, 22, Huntington Beach, California | Specialist Andrew K. Waits, 23, Waterford, Michigan | Corporal Salem Bachar, 20, Chula Vista, California | Lance Corporal Stephen J. Perez, 22, San Antonio, Texas

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