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Cost of war 11.16.05


The totals:

2063 US soldiers, 200 Coalition soldiers, and approximately 26,982 to 30,380 Iraqi civilians have been killed in Iraq from the beginning of the war and occupation to November 12.

American soldiers killed between October 31 and November 4:

Petty Officer 2nd Class Allan M. Cundanga Espiritu, 28; Oxnard, California | Sergeant Daniel A. Tsue, 27; Honolulu, Hawaii | Specialist Joshua J. Munger, 22; Maysville, Missouri | Specialist Benjamin A. Smith, 21; Hudson, Wisconsin | Private First Class Tyler R. MacKenzie, 20; Evans, Colorado | Major Gerald M. Bloomfield II, 38; Ypsilanti, Michigan | Captain Michael D. Martino, 32; Fairfax, Virginia | 2nd Lieutenant Mark J. Procopio, 28; Stowe, Vermont | Specialist Dennis J. Ferderer Jr., 20; New Salem, North Dakota | Sergeant 1st Class Daniel J. Pratt, 48; Youngstown, Ohio | Captain Jeffrey P. Toczylowski, 30; Upper Moreland, Pennsylvania | Staff Sergeant Kyle B. Wehrly, 28; Galesburg, Illinois | Specialist Darren D. Howe, 21; Beatrice, Nebraska | Captain James M. Gurbisz, 25; Eatontown, New Jersey | Private First Class Dustin A. Yancey, 22; Goose Creek, South Carolina | Specialist Timothy D. Brown, 23; Cedar Springs, Michigan | Gunnery Sergeant Darrell W. Boatman, 38; Fayetteville, North Carolina | Staff Sergeant Jason A. Fegler, 24; Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Sources: US Department of Defense,, The New York Times,

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