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Cost of war - 011-22-06

The totals:

2867 US soldiers, 246 Coalition soldiers, and approximately 47,345 to 52,543 Iraqi civilians have been killed in Iraq from the beginning of the war and occupation to November 16.

4455 Iraqi police and guardsmen have been killed since January 2005, according to an estimate compiled from news reports.

American soldiers killed between November 11-16:

Staff Sergeant William S. Jackson II, 29, Saginaw, Michigan | Sergeant Angel De Jesus Lucio Ramirez, 22, Pacoima, California | Private First Class Harry A. Winkler III, 32, Clarksville, Tennessee | First Lieutenant Michael A. Cerrone, 24, Clarksville, Tennessee | Private First Class Daniel J. Allman II, 20, Canon, Georgia | Private First Class Jang H. Kim, 20, Placentia, California | Specialist Eric G. Palacios Rivera, 21, Atlantic City, New Jersey | Lance Corporal Timothy W. Brown, 21, Sacramento, California | Lance Corporal Mario D. Gonzalez, 21, La Puente, California | Lance Corporal Michael D. Scholl, 21, Lincoln, Nebraska | Colonel Thomas H. Felts Sr., 45, Sandston, Virginia | Specialist Justin R. Garcia, 26, Elmhurst, New York | Sergeant First Class Tung M. Nguyen, 38, Tracy, California | Sergeant First Class Schuyler B. Haynes, 40, New York | Specialist Mitchel T. Mutz, 23, Falls City, Texas | Captain John R. Dennison, 24, Ijamsville, Maryland | Captain Rhett W. Schiller, 26, Wisconsin

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