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Connor Benincasa gets 'Comfy' on new indie pop album for Dadstache Records


Comfy is the brainchild of one Connor Benincasa, an indie pop musician from Utica, by way of Philadelphia, who has since settled here in Rochester. Comfy’s new album “Volume For” — to be released Jan. 15 on Dadstache Records —could be considered Benincasa’s introductory “Hello” to the local music scene.

In that respect, “Volume For” is a welcome greeting, a 14-track salutation of intelligent, tightly arranged pop-rock songs with lyrics that might come across as painfully self-aware if the music wasn’t so damn catchy.

Benincasa has a brilliant ability to take simple, mundane observations and spin them into concise yet sprawling gems with nearly symphonic ambition and broader emotional import. It’s this compositional sensibility — reminiscent of The Magnetic Fields’ Stephin Merritt — that comes through clearly on each song and makes an indelible impression.

Recorded in Benincasa’s home and at Headroom Studios in Philadelphia, the album has the lo-fi energy and earnestness of a bedroom recording, but with better production values. While the recording consists of a rotating lineup of musicians, the contribution of Scoops Dardaris — who co-produced and mixed “Volume For,” in addition to playing bass on several tracks — deserves mention here.

From the jangly pop of “Everyday” to the grungy distortion of “The End,” Benincasa’s smooth facility with inventive melodies, active alt-rock chord progressions, and chamber pop flourishes makes “Volume For” music that’ll make you feel comfy.

Daniel J. Kushner is CITY’s music editor. He can be reached at