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COMEDY | "Villain's Vacation"


If the existence of the club at Mar-a-Lago is any indication, even figureheads of evil feel the need to get away from it all — "it all" being the world they're actively destroying. Comedy sketch and improv group Polite Ink. offers a more lighthearted take on this concept in its new show, "Villain's Vacation," which will be presented on Saturday, June 10, at 8 p.m.

In a provided statement, Polite Ink. says: "Building giant space lasers, perfecting evil laughs, developing nefarious and overly elaborate schemes, and dealing with inept henchmen can be exhausting." The troupe envisions what villains do in their downtime, like exchanging dad jokes and failing at home projects. Bonus: Fey Accompli and Madame JaFierce will make their drag debut.

"Villain's Vacation" takes place at MuCCC (142 Atlantic Avenue). Tickets are $10 in advance at, $15 at the door, and $8 for seniors and students. For more info, visit