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COMEDY | Vermin Supreme


Aside from being a social anarchist, performance artist, political activist, author, and self-proclaimed "friendly fascist," prankster Vermin Supreme has run for President of the United States four times. If elected, he promised every citizen a free pony and would pass federal law requiring mandated oral hygiene. This discordian legend can be found at protests and conventions with a black rubber boot on his head, a giant toothbrush in one hand, and a blow horn in the other, singing satirically to the police. The idea is that by protesting in the form of art and comedy, people will respond more positively to the harsh realities of politics. Supreme and his side-kick Rob Potylo make a stop in Rochester on their Magical Victory Tour for a night of music and comedy.

Vermin Supreme performs Tuesday, January 17, at Lovin' Cup, 300 Park Point Drive. 10 p.m. $10. 292-9940;;