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COMEDY | Stand-up Storytellers James Judd & Jen Kober


Even though I suffer badly from secondhand humiliation (empathy fries my nerves sometimes), I can handle it just fine if the firsthand sufferer is able to joke about their experiences. Stories of public embarrassment is the theme of the comedy double-bill being hosted this weekend at Nazareth College Arts Center. The show features award-winning comedians James Judd and Jen Kober, who are both recent winners of NPR's Snap Judgment Comedic Performance of the Year award. Southern sass-master Jen Kober was described by the LA Times as a 21st century Lucille Ball. A former member of the LA-based improv troupe The Groundlings, James Judd works triumphant outcomes into the ends of his tales of failures.

Judd and Jen Kober will perform on Saturday, November 3, at 8 p.m. Callahan Theatre, Nazareth College Arts Center, 4245 East Avenue. $15-$35. The show contains mature content and language. 389-2170;