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COMEDY | Shane Mauss 'Stand Up Science Live'


At its core, science is the process of taking thousands of hours of tedium and distilling them into the absolute coolest stuff to talk about. Shane Mauss (pronounced like the plant, not the rodent) lets audiences skip all the calibration, data gathering, paperwork, and lab-rat husbandry to get right into the juicy parts. This Wisconsinite comic is known for his podcast "Here We Are," as well as hilarious material that draws heavily on neuroscience and emerging research on psychedelics. His "Stand Up Science Live" show brings real life scientists onto the stage to give pithy, TED-esque talks on their fields of interest. The evening will culminate with an audience-driven Q&A panel, so be sure to arrive curious.

Sunday, November 24, at 7 p.m. Photo City Improv, 543 Atlantic Ave #2. 16+. Tickets are $18.,