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COMEDY | Ron White


Little is off-limits to Ron White, the scotch-drinking, cigar-smoking stand-up comic who has hardly mellowed with age. White got his mainstream break on the Blue Collar Comedy tour, with Jeff Foxworthy and "Larry the Cable Idiot" (as White affectionately refers to him), but has been fronting his own comedy tours for years since. His deadpan observations, delivered with a slight Texas drawl and punctuated by sips of his ever-present drink, reveal an incredibly quick wit. White is a master of the artful pause: his incredulous reactions and framing of run-of-the-mill situations are stated casually, but timed perfectly. His less-than-couth laconic style has earned him several Grammy nominations, and several gilded stand-up albums. While he still ventures out of orbit of Vegas, trips are becoming less regular, so don't overlook the vulgarian's stop in Rochester.

Ron White takes the microphone on Friday, February 20, at the Auditorium Theater, 885 East Main Street. 8 p.m. $39-$59.