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COMEDY | Krish Mohan


Pittsburgh-based standup Krish Mohan seems like a pretty mild-mannered guy — he even named his tour "Politely Angry." That doesn't stop his political material from sparking strong reactions. On his last album, he relates, "A man in Paducah, Kentucky threatened to decapitate me with his bare hands. The dedication!" Mohan's set touches on pop culture and observational humor, but really digs into topical material. Whether he's trying to explain historical American race relations to his Indian grandmother or roasting Christopher Columbus, the theme throughout is that the world would be better with a little more empathy in it. Between several full-length albums and a packed tour schedule, it would not be surprising to see Mohan playing a much larger venue, which makes this a fantastic opportunity to catch the show in an intimate setting.

Tuesday, February 11, at 8 p.m. Boulder Coffee Company, 100 Alexander Street. $5 suggested donation.