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After ending a two-decade dominance of late-night Nielsen ratings behind the desk in NBC's "Tonight Show," Jay Leno continues to operate in the periphery of the spotlight with seemingly relentless energy. He writes for Popular Mechanics, hosts a show about his vast car collection, and still appears in both live-action and voice-over credits in a variety of TV shows and movies. All of these are in addition to an extensive stand-up comedy tour – which is making a stop in Rochester this Friday. For fans who miss this classic host, this is an opportunity watch him wisecrack in person, without the trappings of a studio format. If you're going, plan on using the restroom before his 8 p.m. start: He has been known to tell rapid-fire, non-stop jokes for upwards of an hour and a half. But who is surprised? With 22 years of primetime experience, he could probably riff into the wee hours without running out of guffaw-worthy jokes.

Jay Leno will perform on Friday, February 13, at the Auditorium Theatre, 885 East Main Street. 8 p.m. $59-$128.