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COMEDY | Dirty Hoe Comedy Show


On Wednesday, June 25, the women of the Dirty Hoe Comedy Show will bring their raunchy brand of stand-up to Rochester. Founded and produced by Rochester native Jennifer Salzman and fellow comic Francesca Day, the show features comedians who primarily discuss the lives of women in New York City.

The predominantly female show (guys are sometimes invited to join) began after Salzman and Day met while attending comedy school. The friends were hungry to cut their teeth in the New York City comedy scene and needed a new platform from which to present their raw and irreverent material. They found like-minded comics, organized a show, and, as Salzman said, "begged [their] friends to come." Early gigs were small, but the Show has since grown in size and popularity. Salzman and Day now have a waiting list of comics hoping to become "Dirty Hoes." The show has helped its funny women make a name in a predominantly male field.

With this success, the "Dirty Hoes" have decided to take their show on the road. "Why not start where all my dirty thoughts began?" Salzman says. The Rochester show will be the group's first outside of the tri-state area.

The Dirty Hoe Comedy Show will take place Wednesday, June 25, at 7 p.m. at The Comedy Club (2235 Empire Boulevard). Tickets cost $7 at the door. For more information visit or call (585)671-9080.