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CLASSICAL/POPS | Hans Zimmer Live


One of the heavyweight film composers working today, Hans Zimmer is the versatile, Oscar-winning musician who brought audiences the iconic scores to films ranging from "The Lion King" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" to "Gladiator" and "The Dark Knight." He's also responsible for the steel whale "BWAAAAMM!" sound that's absolutely inescapable at the movies these days — every composer and their mother borrowed it from Zimmer's influential "Inception" soundtrack. Zimmer will be swinging through Western New York on his North American tour, where he'll be joined by his band, along with an orchestra and choir, to perform selections from the composer's decades-spanning career.

Hans Zimmer will perform on Friday, July 28, at CMAC, 3355 Marvin Sands Drive, Canandaigua. 7:45 p.m. $35-$95.;